MONICA CARLY remembers

Growing up in Jamaica from 1948 to 1954

Monica Carly has written an absorbing account of a young English girl experiencing the joys and facing the challenges of her unique pathway through adolescence, against the backdrop of an island people intent on breaking away from their mother country and taking up an independent role in the world. 

She blends anecdotes of her experiences – some humorous, some very sad – with descriptions of the island of Jamaica, to paint a vivid picture of bygone times in a tropical island, where the vibrant colours, glorious food, soaring mountains, idyllic beaches and wonderful people captured her heart. 

To reinforce the verbal pictures, original photographs are placed throughout the text and bring the subject matter to life. 

Carly does not shy away from mentioning difficult issues, which range from Hurricane Charlie in 1951 to the abhorrent practice of slavery that blighted Jamaica’s history. Seventy-five years later she remembers it all with remarkable clarity.

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ISBN 9781739254933
226 pages
59 photographs
203mm x 127mm

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Monica Carly masterfully weaves personal anecdote with historical context, offering an honest and insightful glimpse into her Jamaican upbringing as a “missionary kid”. Her keen observations and heartfelt reflections make this memoir a captivating and educational journey

Ben Drabble, Communications Director, Baptist World Mission

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An enthralling account which evoked memories of my own childhood in Jamaica. I loved this book and am recommending it to all my friends.

Secondary school teacher of Jamaican heritage

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About the Author

Monica Carly

MONICA CARLY was born in Peterborough in 1936 and graduated from Bristol University in 1958 with an honours degree in English, French and Latin and a teaching qualification.

Whilst raising a family she took a creative writing course and produced several short stories and some children’s stories. She has written two novels, Fraser’s Line and The Golden Thread, and a wide range of poetry.

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