our guarantee to you

Once we have agreed on the level of editing, on timescales and on a budget Shakspeare Editorial will keep to them; if anything changes then it is discussed as soon as it comes up.

editing for authors

academic authors
  • Your manuscript will be checked for the correct referencing system and publishing house/journal styling
  • If English is not your mother tongue then the text will be copy edited so that the language flows as though you were a native US or UK speaker
  • Shakspeare Editorial specialises in the social sciences and humanities.

Shakspeare Editorial can support you through this minefield and talk you through the options so you can decide on the best investment for your budget and your energy, while you keep control of what can be a bewildering process – see also Thinking of self-publishing.

three levels of editing

Development editing

This is a general assessment of whether your hard work is ready for editing. You will get a report on: whether the structure works; if the characters and plot are believable; what it might be worth taking out or making stronger; and, above all, whether it is ready to wow your readers.

Copy editing

When the text is in good shape then it is time for a thorough going over. This is when the language is assessed and oddities, or just plain ‘wrongness’, are amended and when the structure is checked for sense and accuracy. Once the words are right, so that the reader will understand your ‘story’, then the document can be formatted, designed and published.


This is the final pre-publication check to make sure: that odd spellings haven’t slipped through; that the punctuation is correct; that any styles, formatting and layout are all in the right place.

and then …

Shakspeare Editorial can also help with getting the manuscript into book form (design, typesetting, cover, ISBNs); on to sales platforms for POD; and reformatting into an ebook. Download a useful PDF that takes you through the process.

For a list of self-published works see the Independent Authors tab below and go to the Thinking of self-publishing page..

editing for publishers/project managers

Shakspeare Editorial has experience in social sciences, humanities, lifestyle and education.

editing can be carried out
  • on screen, using Word (track changes)
  • mark-up on PDF (using Acrobat comments or editing stamps)
  • directly to InDesign/InCopy files
  • using BSI symbols on hard copy
  • working with and creating stylesheets
  • contacting authors with diplomacy
  • awareness of range of reference styles
  • work in UK or US styling
levels of editing
  • Basic copy editing covers correcting grammar, punctuation and formatting, which are made consistent with an agreed style (for instance: US/UK; formal/informal; academic/fiction); this means applying only those ‘rules’ that suit the context of your work.
  • In-depth copy editing covers checking for misinformation, missing information, ambiguity and repetition; these are highlighted for comment and dealt with for consistency so that your audience feel they are being ‘talked’ to appropriately.
  • Additional services you may need are checking the accuracy of facts and links; addressing manuscript word count issues.

Copy editing for Springer/Palgrave Macmillan; Routledge/Taylor and Francis; Dorling Kindersley; Ashgate; Brill; Edward Elgar; MUP; SAGE; and more.

Proofreading for Dorling Kindersley, Springer and others.

To see full list of edited publications please see below.

editing for business

why you should use an editing service

Poor spelling and bad presentation – on websites, in print and on signage – cost business millions in lost revenue. Research has shown that a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half.

Would you want to see this in your sales blurb for kitchen equipment “whilst also making sure your bowels aren’t scratched or marked”?

An outsider’s eye sees if your message is hitting the spot and can highlight alienating in-house jargon (for B2C) and ensure consistent terminology (for B2B).

Shakspeare Editorial is online daily to help with a one-off manuscript or to cast a quick eye over an urgent press release or set of documentation.

If any of the following points apply then why not consider using Shakspeare Editorial’s editing (and/or designing/writing) services:

  • Is writing not your forte (strong point)?
  • Wherever your message appears, is it correctly spelt (spelled?) and properly punctuated?
  • Does your grammar make your message flow or confuse your reader?
  • Do you have the time to get it right?
  • Is presentation important?
  • Are you at ease with all Word’s formatting options?
  • Do you need help with templates?

A good editor and designer will make your life easier and your message more professional (in print and online).

Shakspeare Editorial has experience in copy editing business reports, company websites and marketing materials and has worked with authors of business books.

Do see the business tab below for previous client organisations.

lists of edited academic manuscripts,
work for self-published authors,
organisations and businesses


Arup [end of project reports for EU]

Chartered Institute for Editing and Proofreading [guide design]

Smithers Information/Smithers Pira [report copy editing in InDesign]


Chartered Institute for Editing and Proofreading [guide design]

Smithers Information/Smithers Pira [report copy editing in InDesign]

Perspectiva Press [book typesetting, see separate tab]


A Guide to Veterinary End-of-Life Consultations Caroline Hewson

CDT (Cambridge Design Technology) [proofreading new website text]

Smithers Information/Smithers Pira [report copy editing in InDesign]

Highpath [website copy]


Smithers Information [report copy editing in InDesign]Bespoak Joinery [copy editing and copy writing of sales materials and website]JFeditorial [blog post editing]Green Park [copy editing Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders]

HomeGround [preparing new material for website relaunch, specifically in plain English]


Impact MR [report copy editing/proofreading]Smithers Information [report copy editing in InDesign]Oakshott Fabrics [advert design, pattern templates]Society for Editors and Proofreaders [advert design]Bespoak Joinery [copy editing and copy writing of sales materials and website]Crediton Food Festival [brochure and poster design]Dynasty Escape Nobu Su [proofreading, paperback typesetting, cover design]; an exploration of the murky world of Taiwanese banking

The Gold Man from the East Nobu Su [proofreading, hardback limited edition and paperback typesetting, cover design]; exposé of big financial institutions

EU documents [proofreading]


Runnymede Trust [report layout]Bespoak Joinery [copy editing and copy writing of sales materials and website]Forget the Third Arrow and Behold the Old World Order: a journey into the depths of Japan Inc. Susan Carpenter [proofreading, designing, ebook formatting, setting up for self-publishing]Peppercorn Properties [design of logo and production of document templates]CredFest 2017 [design of logo, brochure, poster]Crediton Food Festival [brochure and poster design]Lyme Regis Museum [proofreading exhibition panels]Oakshott Fabrics [copy writing for social media, advert design, pattern templates, exhibition leaflets]Smithers Information [report copy editing in InDesign]Dixon Consulting [report copy editing and formatting]EU documents [proofreading]


Smithers Information [report copy editing in InDesign]Healthwatch Essex [copy editing report]Pinwheels and Friends [design of logo]Oakshott Fabrics [copy writing for social media, advert design, pattern templates, exhibition leaflets]Crediton Food Festival [brochure and poster design]Pyramus & Thisbe Club [proofreading and typesetting 3rd edition of The Party Wall Act Explained]Dixon Consulting [report copy editing and formatting]EU documents [proofreading]


WHO–TB assessment tool [report design, illustrations]Healthwatch Essex [copy editing report]Oakshott Fabrics [copy writing for social media, advert design, pattern templates, exhibition leaflets]Black Dog Eggs [POS materials design]Pinwheels [design of logo and templates for POS labels]Common Players [roll-up banner design]Crediton Food Festival [brochure and poster design]Dixon Consulting [report copy editing and formatting]EU documents [proofreading, report design]Lyme Regis Museum [report copy editing and formatting]Cadman Training Services [logo design]Cadman Editing Services [logo design and document templates]


Oakshott Fabrics [copy writing for social media]Dixon Consulting [report copy editing and formatting]Moneymaker Magazine [PDF editing]Flair Magazine [copy writing and copy editing features and articles]Crediton Food Festival [brochure and poster design]Lyme Regis Museum [report copy editing and formatting]Where to Ski and Snowboard [copy editing, fact checking, writing for guide]Trinity Sailing Foundation [report copy editing and formatting]MacsFinance [production of handouts for five training modules]EU documents [proofreading, report design]


Bearslake Inn [proofreading brochure]Lyme Regis Museum [report copy editing and formatting]mCommerce Rupert Potter

Crediton Arts Centre [brochure design]EU documents [report formatting]ICBS [copy editing and report formatting]Enjoy Homeopathy [proofreading website material]Flair Magazine [copy writing and copy editing features and articles]Dixon Consulting [template production; report copy editing and formatting]Linked Ring Consultancy [template production]


The Quick Guide to Selling Your Business  Huzeifa Anjary

Flair Magazine [copy writing and copy editing features and articles]Dixon Consulting [report copy editing and formatting]


Time and Time Again Jenny Kempson

Don’t Talk About Love / Away From Home / Passing Thoughts Aidan Chambers

The Dislocated Brain Dr Jonathan Howat

Thoughtless Greg Malouf

Journeying Boy Lance Salway

Perfect Strangers Wendy Swarbrick

Out of the Dark Dzana Bukvic

From East End to South West Ron Sambell

In Their Hands Emma Innes

Under a Blue Star Phil Carroll


Beyond the Doors Clay Kelly

Iberia by Bike: Work Desk to Wild Camp Jim Merryfield

Christmas Re-Imagined Deborah Aloba

In the Mind’s Eye Michael Benton

Sien: Vincent van Gogh & Clasina Maria Hoornik – the greatest love story never told Lauren Frances

The Adventures of Durgin: An American Leprechaun George T Harbron

Finding a New Path Gerald Conyngham (private book)

Wor Geordie George Harbron

A History of the Church of Our Most Holy Redeemer Clerkenwell Nicholas Riddell (privately published for church sale)

Perdita and the May People; Perdita and the Midsummer People; Perdita and the Christmas People Peter Hunt

The Wicklow Scarab Andrew Walker

The Lady With No Name Fergus Dunlop

The Dislocated Brain: A New Perspective Dr Jonathan Howat (forthcoming)

Sand Stories Kiran Pereira

And Some of Them Are True Pam Barnard

Laura’s Chronicles Laura Conyngham (private book)


Teaching Dyslexics How to Read and Write Music Deborah Aloba

C’mon the Ferry: A History of Briton Ferry RFC 1888–2010 Martyn Bate

The Ascension of the Human Being Michael Ellis

SWIFT 1: Mindy a New Breed and SWIFT 2: Ramsbottom Betty’s Revenge and Rasta Christmas and the Santa Corps and Grandparents, Parents and Children Collected Stories Glenn Beavers

Borderline Pass Fergus Dunlop (private book)

Reclaiming Our Own Christopher Irons


My Mother’s Talisman Lucinda Roberts

The Girl Who Made Me Dance Gill Prates

The Brexit Chronicles Paul McQueen

The Unexpected Quantor Jane Snookes

The Wildlife Fairy Tracey Bryant

Hazel’s Story Hazel Lakeland

The Glass City PL Whit  (private book)

Everybody Loves.Money Paul McQueen


Dynasty Escape Nobu Su [paperback, cover design, proofreading and typesetting]The Gold Man from the East Nobu Su [hardback limited edition, cover design, proofreading and typesetting]

Life in Cheriton Fitzpaine Ray Sanders (book for local use)

Hotlifestyle Paul McQueen


The Dog Poo Fairy Tracey Bryant

Staying Strong Stephen Murray [proofreading, designing for hardback for print; paperback/ebook for self-publishing]Forget the Third Arrow and Behold the Old World Order: a journey into the depths of Japan Inc. Susan Carpenter [proofreading, designing, ebook formatting, setting up for self-publishing]


Hippie Lee Martin paperback POD and ebook

Amazon Customer on 9 September 2016 The book Hippie takes you on a remarkable adventure through some of the most pivotal events in counterculture history. There are points when you feel like you are there living the moment. There are sections in the book that a pretty mind-bending the whole adventure leaves you wanting more. well worth a read. Get your copy today. Amazon Customer on 4 November 2016 One of the craziest books I’ve ever read. Thought evoking and interesting historical facts from a great era… Sue Grocott on 6 September 2016 Brilliant and evocative like an insect caught in amber. . . Arthur on 24 August 2016 A really magical book that takes you on a trip with the author into a wonderful world of friendships, music and travel. A fantastic read! By book reader on 28 July 2016 Everyone should read this book …. Everyone!! It’s social history .. it’s peace and love .. it’s music .. it’s hallucinogenic .. it’s the meaning of life man!!

The Long Journey Richard Glass paperback

Mrs Doris. Banks on 27 Aug. 2016 Reading this lightweight book is one of the best things I have done in a long time. I started to read it and just could not put it down! It is a pure love story of a hard working man who goes through life with hardships we don’t have a clue about. How he meets and marries his wife, the very love of his life, his children and over the years his grandchildren, his army career, his menial jobs, in between the years just to keep the finances and good life going. It is one of pure idyllic love which many unfortunately don’t get much of, but fortunately for me, I could relate to much of it. I just loved the simplicity of it all and the Scottish dialect of course was superb. well done Richard Glass you are a credit to the writers guilds and I can’t wait for your next one!! By Amazon Customer on 13 Nov. 2016 I wholeheartedly agree with the other reviewer who called this a love story; that’s exactly what it is. Richard is a born storyteller and writes with warmth and humour. I have the honour of knowing the author and he is a true gentleman ‘though my review is unbiased. I would highly recommend this book to old and young alike. In my opinion, books such as these should be included in the national curriculum as they offer so much in terms of history, compassion and lessons in life. By Amazon Customer on 13 Nov. 2016 This autobiography tells what someone can achieve if they have the right partner. Without Sadie, his very much loved wife, this book could never have been written. The book has sadness and humour, of the latter there is plenty and I found myself laughing out loud. Their journey through their working life involved moving house several times and varied kinds of employment all carried out with optimism and enthusiasm. I loved the book and couldn’t put it down.


Escape from London: Cabby and Co’s First Adventure Nick Brookland, Lois McKie

RW on 8 Oct. 2014 Charming story, with super characters and illustrations. I love the way the author has merged old world values with new world technology (Google’s driverless cars?). Our children thoroughly enjoyed it, with an encore of “More, more, more!”. We found the book also useful to encourage independent reading, as our young children clearly found reading this book more interesting than books suggested by their school. Having images of the characters in the margin to indicate who is speaking is a great idea.

Following the Star Andy Walker


Mere Kaffir Keith Brown mCommerce Rupert Potter


The Quick Guide to Selling Your Business  Huzeifa Anjary


The Palgrave Handbook of Bottom-Up Urbanism Mahyar Arefi, Conrad Kickert


Exploring Dynamic Mentoring Models in India Payal Kumar Bold Followership: A Biblical Cure for Organizational Toxicity Maurice A Buford Pentecostalism and Politics in Africa Adeshina Afoloyan, Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso, Toyin Falol Collaborative Dynamic Capabilities for Service Innovation: Creating a New Healthcare Ecosystem Mitsuru Kodama Wellness City: Health and Well-being in Urban Economic Development Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko China’s Belt and Road Initiative: The Changing Rules of Globalization Wenxian Zhang, Ilan Alon, Christoph Lattemann Understanding Chinese Culture: Philosophy, Religion, Science and Technology Guobin Xu, Yanhui Chen, Lianhua Xu Sport and Social Entrepreneurship in Sweden Tomas Peterson, Katarina Schenker Colonial Justice and Decolonization in the High Court of Tanzania, 1920-1971 Ellen R. Feingold The Birth of Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature: Revolutions in Language, History, and Culture Yu Gao The Mediatization of the Artist Rachel Esner, Sandra Kisters Social Theory and Asian Dialogues: Cultivating Planetary Conversations Giri, Ananta Kumar


Biography of an Industrial Town: Terni, Italy, 1831–2014 Alessandro Portelli Sexual Identity and Lesbian Family Life: Lesbianism, Patriarchalism and the Asian Family in Taiwan Iris Erh-Ya Pai Sinophone–Anglophone Cultural Duet Sheng-mei Ma Contemporary Masculinities in the UK and the US: Between Bodies and Systems Stefan Horlacher, Kevin Floyd The Aesthetics of Anthony Burgess: Fire of Words Jim Clarke The Consequences of Mobility: Reflexivity, Social Inequality and the Reproduction of Precariousness in Highly Qualified Migration D Cairns, V Cuzzocrea, D Briggs, L Veloso Medicine, Magic and Art in Early Modern Norway Ane Ohrvik Tracing Rhetoric and Material Life: Ecological Approaches Bridie McGreavy, Justine Wells, George F. McHendry, Jr., Samantha Senda-Cook Japanese Cinema Between Frames Laura Lee Women, Camp, and Popular Culture: Serious Excess Katrin Horn America, Britain and Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Programme, 1974–1980: A Dream of Nightmare Proportions Malcolm M Craig Representing Communities: Discourse and Contexts Ruth Sanz Sabido (Ed.) Cold War Stories: British Dystopian Fiction, 1945-1990 Andrew Hammond Disney and the Dialectic of Desire: Fantasy as Social Practice Joseph Zornado Kenyatta and Britain: An Account of Political Transformation, 1929-1963 W.O. Maloba Nordic Girlhoods: New Perspectives and Outlooks Bodil Formark, Heta Mulari, Myry Voipio (Eds.) Media and Food Industries: The New Politics of Food Michelle Phillipov Mobile Media Technologies and Poiēsis: Rediscovering How We Use Technology to Cultivate Meaning in a Nihilistic World Justin Michael Battin Feminism After 9/11: Women’s Bodies as Cultural and Political Threat Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo and Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo The Consequences of Mobility: Reflexivity, Social Inequality and the Reproduction of Precariousness in Highly Qualified Migration D. Cairns, V. Cuzzocrea, D. Briggs, L. Veloso Conciliatory Democracy: From Deliberation Toward a New Politics of Disagreement Martin Ebeling


Anomalies in Net Present Value, Returns and Polynomials Michael C. Nwogugu Conciliatory Democracy Martin Ebeling Film and the Ethical Imagination Asbjorn Gronstad Gothic Landscapes: Changing Eras, Changing Cultures, Changing Anxieties Sharon Rose Yang, Kathleen Healey Land, Labour and Livelihoods: Indian Women’s Perspectives Bina Fernandez, Meena Gopal, Orlanda Ruthven Women, Urbanization and Sustainability: Practices of Survival, Adaptation and Resistance Anita Lacey Demography of Russia: From the Past to the Present Tatiana Karabchuk, Kazuhiro Kumo, Ekaterina Selezneva Language, Hegemony and the European Union: Re-examining ‘Unity in Diversity’ Glyn Williams, Gruffudd Williams Gypsies in Central Asia and the Caucasus Elena Marushiakova, Vesselin Popov Animal Ethics and the Autonomous Animal Self Natalie Thomas Attitudes Towards Europe Beyond Euroscepticism Danilo di Mauro, Vincenzo Memoli Communicating in Digital Age Corporations Anna Danielewicz-Betz Egalitarian Rights Recognition: A Political Theory of Human Rights Matt Hann Geography Meets Gendlin: An Exploration of Disciplinary Potential through Artistic Practice Janet Banfield Organizational Identity and Firm Growth Christoph Dörrenbächer, Matthias Tomenendal, Sarah Stanske The History of Science Fiction 2nd ed. Adam Roberts What is to Be Done About Crime and Punishment? Towards a ‘Public Criminology’ Roger Matthews Development Paradigms for Urban Housing in BRICS Countries Piyush Tiwari, Jyoti Rao, Jennifer Day Social Security and Wage Poverty: Historical and Policy Aspects of Supplementing Wages in Britian and Beyond C. Grover Public Sector Accounting and Auditing in Europe: The Challenge of Harmonization I. Brusca, E. Caperchione, S. Cohen, F. Manes Rossi Equity Derivatives and Hybrids: Markets, Models and Methods Oliver Brockhaus Islam and International Relations: Contributions to Theory and Practice D. Abdelkader, N. Adiong, R. Mauriello Sociology in France after 1945 P. Masson, C. Schrecker The New International Division of Labour: Global Transformation and Uneven Development Greig Charnock, Guido Starosta Migration and Mental Health: Past and Present Marjory Harper Preventing Corporate Fiascos: A Systemic Approach Thang Nhut Nguyen


Women and Migration in Rural Europe  Karin Wiest Minds, Models and Milieux: Commemorating the Centennial of the Birth of Herbert Simon  Roger Frantz, Leslie Marsh Innovation, Democracy and Efficiency: Exploring the Innovation Puzzle within the European Union’s Regional Development Policies  Francesco Grillo, Raffaella Y. Nanetti Napoleon’s Empire: European Politics in Global Perspective  Ute Planert Policing in Hong Kong: Research and Practice  Kam C. Wong Chinese Students, Learning Cultures and Overseas Study  Lihong Wang The ASEAN Regional Security Partnership: Strengths and Limits of a Cooperative System  Angela Pennisi di Floristella Neuroscience and the Future of Chemical-Biological Weapons  Malcolm Dando Virtual Worlds as Philosophical Tools: How to Philosophize with a Digital Hammer  Stefano Gualeni Dance Dramaturgy: Modes of Agency, Awareness and Engagement  Pil Hansen, Darcey Callison Japan as the Occupier and the Occupied Christine de Matos, Mark E. Caprio Public Sector Accounting and Auditing in Europe: The Challenge of Harmonization  Isabel Brusca, Eugenio Caperchione, Sandra Cohen, Francesca Manes Rossi Lost Decades in Growth Performance: Causes and Case Studies  Yun-Peng Chu Extended Rationality: A Hinge Epistemology  Annalisa Coliva


Intellectual Property Rights Management: Rookies, Dealers and Strategists  Lars Alkaersig, Karin Beukel, Toke Reichstein Pragmatics and the English Language  Jonathan Culpeper, Michael Haugh Humanities World Report 2015  Poul Holm, Arne Jarrick, Dominic Scott Phenomenology of the Embodied Organisation Wendell M. Kupers High Mobility in Europe: Work and Personal life  Gil Viry, Vincent Kaufmann Sovereign Risk and Public-Private Partnership During the Euro Crisis  Maura Campra The British Growth Crisis: The Search for a New Model  Jeremy Green International Perspectives on Materials in ELT Sue Garton Domestic Abuse, Homicide and Gender  Jane Monckton Smith Brain Control  David Linden Populism and Crisis Politics in Greece  Takis S Pappas Realist Criminology  Roger Matthews Pragmatics, Semantics and the Case of Scalar Implicatures  Salvatore Pistoia Reda Business and Education in the Middle East  Nehme Azoury The Luxury Market in Brazil  Claudio Diniz Becoming an African Diaspora in Australia  Finex Ndhlovu


Passionate Love and Popular Cinema  Erica Todd The New Geography of Innovation  Xavier Tinguely Daydreams and the Function of Fantasy  Meta Regis The Empowered Investor, 7 Strategic Principles for Wealth Creation in a New Financial World  Cuno Puempin, Heinrich von Liechtenstein, Fariba Hashemi, Brian Hashemi Foreign Direct Investment, Governance, and the Environment in China  Jing Zhang Kantianism, Liberalism, and Feminism – Resisting Oppression  Carol Hay Remembering Iris Murdoch, Letters and Interviews, edited by Jeffrey Meyers Business Information Systems (2nd edition)  Paul Beynon-Davies Social Media and Strategic Communications edited by Hana S. Noor Al-Deen and John Allen Hendricks Human Resource Development, Theory and Practice (2nd Edition) edited by Jeff Gold, Rick Holden, Paul Iles, Jim Stewart and Julie Beardwell


English Syntax and Argumentation (4th Edition)  Bas Aarts The Future of Foreign Aid, Development Cooperation and the New Geography of Global Poverty by Andy Sumner Psychology in the Brain, Integrative Cognitive Neuroscience by Leon Kenemans Discourses of Freedom of Speech, From the Enactment of the Bill of Rights to the Sedition Act of 1918 by Juhani Rudanko The Role of the Arab-Islamic World in the Rise of the West, Implications for Contemporary Trans-Cultural Relations, edited by Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan The Napoleonic Empire and the New European Political Culture, edited by Michael Broers, Peter Hicks and Agustin Guimera


Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and the Common Good, International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, edited by Carole Bonanni, François Lépineux and Julia Roloff Crime and Corruption in New Democracies, The Politics of (In)Security by Jon Moran


Incredible Edibles Matthew Biggs


Should A Doctor Tell? by Angus H. Ferguson Alternative Islamic Discourses and Religious Authority by Carool Kersten and Susanne Olsson Reconstructing Restorative Justice Philosophy by Theo Gavrielides and Vasso Artinopoulou

2016 Gendering the Trans-Pacific Catherine Ceniza Choy and Judy Tzu-Chun Wu Chosen places. Constructing New Jerusalems in Slavia Orthodoxa Jelena Erdeljan
2012  Iran and the World in the the Safavid Age, edited by Willem Floor and Edmund Herzig


Grown-ups and Other Strange Creatures poems by Mary Collis, pictures by Marina Ignarski

Lives Worth Living Collection of 15 true stories ISBN: 9 781857 411683 Five Lives Kate Davies, Emma Mackinnon, Emma Silvano, Hannah Fletcher and Anna Maria ISBN: 9 781857 411584 Saying Goodbye  Balloons (bereavement charity) ISBN: 9 781857 411133 A Voice Fit for Teaching Caroline Cornish  ISBN: 9 781857 411423 Making Up Stories  Alison Shakspeare ISBN: 9 78881857 411379 How to Enjoy Reading Aloud to Young Children  Edmund Pegge and Alison Shakspeare  ISBN: 9 781857 411560 WorkOut: Secondary School Grounds Toolkit Learning Through Landscapes ISBN: 9-781872-865331 Wot Pop: 50 Years of Hits An International A-Z of Hitmakers from 1952 to 2002 Mike Kelly ISBN: 1-85741-140-4 Southgate Publishers proprietor retired in 2017 and business closed.
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