nahida mahmood

‘I was amazed that you kind of picked up on that.’

flair magazine

‘That is brilliant, well done. Great reading. It goes in as it is!’

oakshott fabrics

‘I’ll take a gallon of that creative juice too please! Well done.’

bespoak joinery

‘Can you please supply a short introduction for Instagram? I’ll let you decide what best to write’

giving you

  • The right word(s) for the right place(s)
  • Starting from scratch or working with your existing copy
  • Researching the field
  • Getting your message across

clients include

  • Bespoak Joinery for mail letters, website, guarantee documentation, headlines for online sales sites
  • Oakshott Fabrics for blog copy, product descriptors, ad copy
  • Various magazine interview features, original copy from research and carrying out interviews
  • Business report summaries