It was a great pleasure to work as the designer on Polly Hale’s fantastic book on sensible eating, orEat Drink Front Cover as the blurb puts it:

Before diet food, diet books and diet clubs; before the obsession with cookery books, competitions and super-sized portions, we had normal eating, of normal portions, of normal food with less obesity and fewer obesity-related diseases and eating disorders. Eat, Drink & be Slim addresses these issues with Polly Hale’s no-nonsense, back to basics approach to weight loss and normal, healthy eating, containing: no fad dieting with achievable tips; basics of nutrition, health and weight management; tips for cooking at home, eating out and coping with social occasions; suitable for all ages and dietary requirements. Faith Toogood of ITV Daybreak and Bariatric Specialist Dietitian, Southmead Hospital says: “This book will guide you through the basics of eating well, not only showing you how to achieve this within the context of a busy life but and also how to enjoy the journey! This is a hugely valuable book. A no-nonsense approach that shows quite brilliantly that it is indeed possible to eat, drink and be slim!”

Paperback now available, ebook in the pipeline.
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