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Richard Grainger

Hi Alison, … Thanks for all your help. You’ve been really professional and I’d happily use your services again. Kind regards, Richard. Book and cover layout, formatting ebook, setting up POD account and getting on Amazon

Jane Snookes

'Alison has professionally and patiently guided me through the process of getting my childrens' book from developmental edit to publication. Her calm manner and knowledge were an invaluable guide and motivation.' Getting the first Quantor Chronicles book to print

Paul, author of Hotlifestyle

'I like it a lot. You kept the stylistic parts  and streamlined where it was needed.' Comment on copy edit sample when awarding the job

kurt huebner, author and volume editor

'First of all let me thank you for your very thoughtful and thorough editing.' Copy editing multi-author volume National Pathways to Low Carbon Emission Economies


'You've really helped us make the deadline here' Copy editing in InDesign of Smithers Information reports

saxon graphics

'I look forward to working with you again' Academic copy editing for Routledge

'Thanks, have approved and passed for processing' Business report copy editing


'It would be great if you had the availability to do at least three during that span' Copy editing business reports in InDesign

povey editorial

'Thanks ever so much ... I’ll send another one to be edited after this one' Academic copy editing for a variety of publishing houses

dorling kindersley

'Many thanks for all your editorial efforts and for juggling jobs around so that you could prioritise Incredible Edibles - very much appreciated!'


'You are at the top of our editors list' Copy editing for academic publishers

bourchier (publishing consultancy)

‘I have more books if you’re ready for another. If not, could you let me know when you’re likely to be free again.’

john f. mcdonald

‘The new site looks great … Love the slider’

richard glass

‘It has been for me a pleasure working with you’ Autobiography

andrew walker

‘I was a little bit emotional when I saw what you had done; after all the hard work to finally see it looking like a book was fantastic’ Biography

craig newbery-jones

‘Thank you for this’ Thesis

keith brown

‘The book is great thank you for all your hard work.’ Fiction

susan carpenter

‘Thank you for your professional and continuous support’ Business/Autobiography

povey editorial

'Thank you very much for the work. Lots more expected ... so watch this space.' Copy editing for Springer among other academic publishers


'Many  thanks for these files (and well ahead of  schedule).' Edward Elgar Research Handbook

you need to know the rules before you can break them – with style

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