Selling services

Have fun with your header.

Then change it when you feel like it.

Selling produce

Link from your home page to a map of stockists you can add to and delete from with ease.

Selling your book

Link a blog to a Facebook site to sell a book.

The butcher, the baker, the local chef

Local businesses for local produce for local people:

Speaking to a community

Run a blog plus pages of downloadable booklets (in this case, Shotthrough, speaking to a community of quilters who appreciate high quality fabrics).

Oakshott Fabrics

Local Festivals

Whether it’s a weekend Food Festival or a month long community celebration there’s a WordPress template that will give you:

  • calendar
  • map
  • a huge image library
  • a library of documentation for participants

Create an affordable website in a Wordpress template that you can manage yourself

  • Shakspeare Editorial help you plan and build your site and train you in how to update, change and manage your site (or will act as admin if you want) and/or help with setting up and linking to social media
  • David Eno manages the technical wizardry, hosts the site (if you wish), and keeps the system up to date

What you spend is in your hands

‘The new site looks great … Love the Reviews and Awards page … Love the slider’

John F. McDonald

New WordPress Website

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