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Making Up Stories

Alison Shakspeare


Time spent making up stories with, and for, children is huge fun and extremely beneficial for the imagination, development and relationship of both child and adult. It is an empowering activity for those who don’t find reading aloud very easy. But even excellent readers can lack the confidence to get started.

Making Up Stories uses the basic building blocks of storytelling (who, what, where, why, when), enlivened with inspirational suggestions, to awaken the reader’s imagination. They’ll soon be making up their own stories from scratch.

With the help of delightful illustrations by Clare Elsom, Making Up Stories points out sources of inspiration at people’s fingertips and covers delivering the stories. It also suggests recording them in various ways – including sharing them on a dedicated website.

24 pages A5 ISBN: 9 78881857 411379


How to Enjoy Reading Aloud to Young Children

Edmund Pegge and Alison Shakspeare


A different kind of booklet for parents, How to Enjoy Reading Aloud to Young Children is about HOW to read with expression and confidence, making sharing stories with children much more rewarding and enjoyable – for both adult and child.

How to Enjoy Reading Aloud to Young Children is full of easy to follow techniques and advice using short extracts from well-loved children’s stories, such as Giraffes Don’t Dance, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Thomas the Tank Engine. The colourful Voice Coach takes the reader through sections dealing with making noises, doing voices, showing feelings and being scary.

The skills learned and the confidence gained from using How to Enjoy Reading Aloud to Young Children, offer a solid foundation for making sharing books a daily pleasure for adults and children.

The techniques illustrated are distilled from Edmund Pegge‘s resource for teachers ‘Expressive Speech’, based on his experience as a stage and screen actor and the regular poetry and creative writing workshops he runs in the UK and Australia.

24 pages A5 ISBN: 9 781857 411560

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