Report editing and proofreading

You’ve really helped us make the deadline here

Moot Ideas, production of Smithers Information reports

‘We are very pleased with the work that you’ve done

Oonagh Corrigan, Who Cares for the Carers?, Healthwatch Essex

Managing bulk information

Editing copy received; checking facts; ensuring all entries received and in the right place(s); proofreading; working with designer and client.

Oakshott Fabrics Trade Information

Brochure design

B2B trade information – cover

Brochure information layout

Getting across complex information

WHO TB management information

Sharing information

Sharing important information internationally

Bidding for funds

Make your bid document easy to read and in the right format

Point of Sale

Table top cards and shelf markers


Build your brand and get the message out; copy writing and image design on offer

Logo design

Design a new logo; refresh an old logo; or add one to a series

Protect your bottom line

Did you know:

Poor spelling is costing the UK millions of pounds in lost revenue for internet businesses. An analysis of website figures shows a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half.’  

BBC News July 2011

“You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledgehammer on the construction site.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Spot the typos
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  • Now bake for 3540 minutes
  • the chaos of battle: the canons, gas attacks and shrapnel
  • Use an eclectic whisk to combine the ingredients.
  • This hansom corner plot offers a versatile duel aspect
  • rescue kit should include a bum dressing
  • HR manager responsible for the conflict of employment
  • best to give him a wide birth
  • be at the fairy terminal some time around 6
  •  the lunatic fridge
  • an insulting layer in a building’s fabric
  • nor do we do it on propose
  •  those who lived pubic lives
  • the gathering of manna in the dessert
  • use spices to hide the taste of horsemeat in burghers
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With thanks to eagle-eyed members of the SfEP Forum.

  • Is writing not your forte (strong point)?
  • Wherever your message appears, is it correctly spelt (spelled?) and properly punctuated./?
  • Does your grammar make your message flow or confuse your reader?
  • Do you not have the time to get it right?
  • Is presentation important to you?
  • Are you at ease with all the formatting options of Word?
  • Do you need help with templates?

A good editor and designer will make your life easier and your message more professional (in print and online).

How much?
As a general rule of thumb:

  • I charge per hour for one-off jobs and am happy to negotiate fees for long-term projects. Charges vary from £25-£35 p.h. (+ VAT);
  • an editing job can cover around 2,000 words per hour (on average), depending on the quality of the grammar and formatting.

I’ll happily do a sample edit of a page or two to: a) show you how I can help; b) for a better idea of what might need doing to give you an accurate quote.

Hope that helps!

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“Alison copy-edited my book on mobile commerce. As well as correcting the grammar, she found many ways to improve the book’s readability. She took the trouble to understand the subject matter and thereby to highlight some inconsistencies in the text. And importantly she completed her review within the agreed timescale. I would have no hesitation in using her services again or in recommending them to others.”

Rupert Potter

“Communicating ideas and instructions for processes that you have completed yourself multiple times can be a significant challenge. We produce manuals and teaching materials to support interviews and assessments that we have developed ourselves. Our audience has different levels of experience and familiarity. Alison Shakspeare has provided us with a much-needed objective overview of this material. Her editorial and technical formatting skills bring clarity to often complex explanations and processes, making the language more accessible, and turning our material into a product that is worthy of the label user-friendly.”

“I  have a document for you to work your magic on …

most excellent! – well done you …

I’m pretty sure they don’t have templates for documents, so can you create one please …

Thanks for looking at it so quickly …

Is there any chance that you can format a survey for me? … Brilliant”

Christina Dixon Consulting, range of report formatting, proofreading, designing

Alison Shakspeare

Alison Shakspeare


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