Design for industry


“I’m delighted with the logo and am putting it on all my PowerPoint slides”

Cadman Editing Services



Community theatre banner

“Many thanks for your work on those; it was a fast response with good results!”

Designing roll-up banner and arranging for production and delivery for Common Players

Logging progress

Journal to celebrate a community flag-making project year on year: booklet; sales leaflet.

Guides and forms

“I know you’re up to the job skills wise, putting ebooks together (with all content supplied) to look professional & pretty. And I’d prefer to work with someone I already know if you’re up for it?”

Polly Hale, founder of Fit Mum Formula

Project management

“an excellent job of managing a challenging project involving a suite of documents that needed to be turned around quickly.”

Cadman Editing Services

Finance course booklets

“We had 3 sets of eyes just review this. We all liked your format colours/style.”

Macs Finance – Finance Made Simple

Design at Shakspeare Editorial is a totally collaborative effort and we work together until you are happy.

Whether you have a ready-formed idea you want put into visual form for a range of media;

or whether you have a vague thought you’d like to chat through, see some ideas and work towards the right image;

then you’ve come to the right place.

‘The brochures have arrived and they look brilliant.’

‘Looks lovely. Well done’

‘Alison’s been busy working her magic on the leaflet.’

Michael Oakshott

Wordpress blog, Facebook and Pinterest sites, design of ads, leaflets, pattern booklets, trade information, Oakshott Fabrics

‘I am happy to recommend Alison. She did an excellent job of managing a challenging project involving a suite of documents that needed to be turned around quickly.’

Hilary Cadman

Set of booklets for WHO on TB assessment, Cadman Editing Services

‘great! thank you : ) ‘
‘I like what you’ve done, great start!! … the egg ID is fantastic and in place on website.’
Louise Ayre

Updated WordPress website, sales print, Black Dog Eggs

To put your vision into reality we are armed with:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (specifically InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop)
  • a Mac and a big screen
  • a camera
  • a subscription to a stock images library
  • a Dropbox subscription for ease of file sharing
  • access to other specialists

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