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Editing can be carried out on screen using Word (track changes), mark up on PDF (using Acrobat comments or editing stamps), or directly to InDesign/InCopy files. BSI symbols on hard copy can also be applied.


Keeping to timescales; working with and creating stylesheets; contacting authors with diplomacy; awareness of range of reference styles; can work in UK or US styling.


Copy edit for Springer/Palgrave Macmillan; Routledge/Taylor and Francis; Dorling Kindersley; Ashgate; Brill; Edward Elgar; MUP; SAGE; and more. Cover social sciences, humanities, lifestyle and education. To see full list of edited publications please go to list.


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I Support Indie Authors


I can help you through this minefield and talk you through the options so you can decide on the best investment for your budget and your energy, while you keep control of what can be a bewildering process.

There are three levels of editing on offer.

Development editing

This is a general assessment of whether your hard work is ready for editing. You will get a report on: whether the structure works; if the characters and plot are believable; what it might be worth taking out or making stronger; and, above all, whether it is ready to wow your readers.

Copy editing

When the text is in good shape then it is time for a thorough going over. This is when the language is assessed and oddities, or just plain ‘wrongness’, are amended; when the structure is checked for sense and accuracy. Once the words are right, so that the reader will understand your story, then the document can move on towards formatting, design and publication.


This is the final check for the first design stage, pre-publication. This makes sure that odd spellings haven’t slipped through; that the punctuation is correct; that any styles, formatting and layout are all in the right place.

and then …

I can also help with getting the manuscript into book form (design, typesetting, cover) and on to sales platforms for POD and reformatted into an ebook.

Don’t just LEAP …

We’ll help you land safely


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Poor spelling and bad presentation – on websites, in print and signage – costs business millions in lost revenue. Research has shown that a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half.

  • Is writing not your forte (strong point)?
  • Wherever your message appears, is it correctly spelt (spelled?) and properly punctuated./?
  • Does your grammar make your message flow or confuse your reader?
  • Do you not have the time to get it right?
  • Is presentation important to you?
  • Are you at ease with all the formatting options of Word?
  • Do you need help with templates?

A good editor and designer will make your life easier and your message more professional (in print and online).


How much?

  • Generally charge an hourly rate + VAT but will negotiate fees for long-term projects
  • an editing job can take from 2,000 to 5,000 words per hour, depending on the quality of the grammar and formatting
  • happy to do a sample edit of a page or two to:
    • show you how I can help and the standard of my work;
    • to give me a better idea of what might need doing to give you an accurate quote.