Copy editing/Proofreading

A service for publishers, businesses and authors

  • Working to given timescale
  • Getting rid of ambiguity and repetition
  • Making sure the words say what is meant
  • Fixing grammar, punctuation, format and style
  • Spotting misinformation and missing information
  • Catching inconsistencies, checking facts and links
  • Giving the manuscript the credibility and standard it deserves

Kurt Huebner, Author and Volume Editor

'First of all let me thank you for your very thoughtful and thorough editing.' Copy editing multi-author volume National Pathways to Low Carbon Emission Economies


'You've really helped us make the deadline here' Copy editing in InDesign of Smithers Information reports

Saxon Graphics

'I look forward to working with you again' Academic copy editing for Routledge

'Thanks, have approved and passed for processing' Business report copy editing


'It would be great if you had the availability to do at least three during that span' Copy editing business reports in InDesign

Povey Editorial

'Thanks ever so much ... I’ll send another one to be edited after this one' Academic copy editing for a variety of publishing houses

Dorling Kindersley

'Many thanks for all your editorial efforts and for juggling jobs around so that you could prioritise Incredible Edibles - very much appreciated!'


'You are at the top of our editors list' Copy editing for academic publishers

Bourchier (publishing consultancy)

‘I have more books if you’re ready for another. If not, could you let me know when you’re likely to be free again.’

Richard Glass

‘It has been for me a pleasure working with you’ Autobiography

Design and publishing

A service for businesses and authors

Catching a vision
Working collaboratively
Typesetting for publication
eBook formatting and uploading
Layout for magazines, books, reports
Applying consistency of format and style
Designing logos and creating full branding packages
Giving your work the credibility and standard it deserves
 Supplying ISBNs, ebook formatting, print management, POD set up

Polly Hale, Fit Mum Formula

‘I know you’re up to the job skills wise, putting ebooks together (with all content supplied) to look professional & pretty. And I’d prefer to work with someone I already know if you’re up for it?’ Design of books and documentation

Polly Hale

'It looks fab! Please do go ahead for whatever is next!' Design and layout for fitness books

WHO booklets on TB

‘Alison did an excellent job of managing a challenging project involving a suite of documents that needed to be turned around quickly.’

Peppercorn Properties

‘Perfect! Thank you so much for your help (and patience)!’

Richard Glass

‘It has been for me a pleasure working with you’ Autobiography

Andrew Walker

‘I was a little bit emotional when I saw what you had done; after all the hard work to finally see it looking like a book was fantastic’ Biography

Keith Brown

‘The book is great thank you for all your hard work.’ Fiction

Susan Carpenter

‘Thank you for your professional and continuous support’ Business/Autobiography

WordPress websites

A service for businesses and authors

  • Helping to capture the look
  • Managing and manipulating images
  • Creating, editing and proofing content
  • An expensive look at a reasonable price
  • Enabling client access for editing and change
  • Keeping it updated—and it’s easy to refresh the look
  • Giving the business the professional look it deserves

Rosemary, Crediton Town Team Website

'Brilliant, thanks so much. I wish everyone was as efficient as you!'

Oliver’s Bakery

‘You are a star!’

Keith Povey

‘The site looks lovely’

John F. McDonald

‘The new site looks great … Love the slider’

Kay Hawkins

‘Thank you so much for trekking all the way up here to show me how to make changes to my website’

Black Dog Eggs

‘Oh wow! Just what the doctor ordered’ Website refresh


A service for businesses

Understanding the message
Tailoring the message to the audience
Finding the right words to get the message across
Making sure the message is consistent with the style
Supplying accurate copy—factually and grammatically
Giving the business the credibility and standard it deserves

Nahida Mahmood

‘I was amazed that you kind of picked up on that.’

Flair Magazine

‘That is brilliant, well done. Great reading. It goes in as it is!’

Bonnie’s Workshop

‘I enjoyed our conversation on Tuesday, and am delighted with what you’ve written as a result’

Oakshott Fabrics

‘I’ll take a gallon of that creative juice too please! Well done.’

Bespoak Joinery

‘Can you please supply a short introduction for Instagram? I’ll let you decide what best to write’


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